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Emily E. Bailey
2309 Velma Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
(ex. 9/18)

Adele Browne
25631 Chapel Ridge
S. Bloomingville OH 43152

Old-timey family style Appalachian folk & fairy tales in the spirit of "make your own fun!" for all ages
(ex. 9/18)


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Rebecca Coleman
PO Box 653
Lancaster OH 43130

Beverly Comer
4999 Amblyn Ct
Hilliard OH 43026
Stories for all ages and settings. Customized programs with this in mind. A wide variety of stories that speak to the heart, tickle the funny bone & spark the imagination. Lively, somtimes interactive, performances with traditional and varied presentations. For Pre-K thru lower elementary - story apron, puppets, props & joining in. (ex. 9/18)

Kevin Cordi
2570 Glenmawr Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
Kevin Cordi is a nationally known storyteller and story teacher who has performed and taught in over 35 states, England, Scotland, and Japan. He is a Fulbright educator who holds a Masters in "Storytelling and Education" and is a Ph.D candidate in "Narrative and Dramatic Inquiry" at The Ohio State University. His work has been commissioned by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Newsweek, and the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. He is an award-winning author and is considered a pioneer in the youth storytelling movement. (ex.9/18)

Susan Corl
32719 Township Road 362
Killbuck, Ohio 44637
330-276-0380 Cell 330-275-6567
I have always wanted to live in a fairytale, so my wonderful husband built me my own gingerbread house by the deep, dark forest. You can see it at  I was a teacher and professor for many years, and then became a librarian. During my early years fo teaching, I was involved with the Akron Storytelling Group. When we moved to Louisiana, I told stories during special activities at a local private school. We moved back to Ohio, where I finally got my little house, and I worked for many years telling stories to young children at the library. Now I am retired and have decided tofocus my writing, art and storytelling passions on my business
Story Cultivator Story has always been a part of my heart and soul and will continue ever after. (ex.9/18)

Michelle Cornell
685 Fairlawn Dr.
Columbus OH 43214
Theatrical storytelling for children, Ages 5-up.
(ex. 9/18)

Sally Crandall
359 E. Sycamore Street
Columbus OH 43206
Sally Crandall's stories and workshops are designed to tickle your funny bone and stretch your imagination from here to yonder. My programs are about using imagination. They are about traveling without ever leaving your seat. I believe that the spoken word, traveling through the air, is the simple spark for each imagination to do its own powerful work.(ex. 9/18)

Veronica Fenney-Okafor
1441 Madison Avenue
Columbus 43205-1538


Jim Flanagan
1320 Yorkshire Ct.
Circleville OH 43113
Author, Storyteller and Writer 
For more information, please check his website
(ex. 9/18)

Lynette Ford
Bruce Ford & Jean E. Matthews
2696 E. Livingston Avenue
Columbus OH 43209
"Home-Fried Tales" for all ages: storytelling--rooted in Lyn's multicultural family traditions; "World Tales"; "Spookers & Haints"--shared with interactive fun and small percussive instruments (ex.9/20) 

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Joyce Geary
630 Morning Street
Worthington OH 43085

Joyce is an eclectic professional storyteller sharing a wide variety of stories with ages 3-93 wherever and whenever someone will listen. She tells stories of history, especially from Ohio, family stories, stories of holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's and St. Patrick Days, folk and fairy tales, Bible stories, and will research and develop programs to suit your needs. She also does character roles such as Miss Reed, a teacher from the 1800's, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Biblical characters such as Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Noah's wife, Joseph's sister Dinah, and Miriam, and other women of history. Stories come alive and pictures grow in your head and heart as you listen.

Lovie Afi Greene
810 Bailey Farm Rd.
Statesville, NC 28634
Lovie enjoys telling African folktales
(ex. 9/18)

Robert Haver
1087 Kenwick Rd.
Columbus OH 43209


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Jerianne Kladder
30 E. Gates Street
Columbus OH 43206
(ex. 9/18) 


Mike Kubisek
2731 Lottridge Rd.
Guyville, OH 45735-9570
(ex. 9/18)


Teri Lott
1229 Reserve Drive
Reynoldsburg, OH  43068
Teri Lott, storyteller
Lotts of Tales

"The strange thing about a good story is there's no pleasure if you can't share it." (C. Jensen)
It would be my pleasure to share some stories with you. I am retired teacher with 30 years of experience of telling tales. Trickster tales, Jack tales, tales of Sillies and Fools, and lots more! I share stories with children from ages 4 to age 104. You can choose from my repertoire or I can design my session to fit your needs.(ex. 9/18)

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Rick McCracken-Bennett
9019 Johnstown- Alexandria Rd.
Johnstown, OH, 43031 

 (ex 9/18)


Frank McGarvey
2780 Atwood Terrace
Columbus OH 43211
Frank delights in telling deliciously spooky stories. His stories are age appropriate, varying the level of scariness to the ages of his audience. He also tells Irish Tales to delight your heart entirely, as well as folk tales of the hill country. For the Bicentenial Frank added several stories about early Ohio. (ex. 9/18) 

Julie O'Keefe McGhee
470 Buckstone Place
Westerville, Ohio 43082

 I'm a teller, a writer and collector of tales both old and new for all ages. Tales I tell will come from Ohio, the Midwest and the world especially the Celtic lands.
Transplanted Shamrocks; Recollections of Central Ohio’s Irish-Americans is a book resulting from my story collecting. This book is available from Amazon and Outskirts Press

(ex. 9/18)

Carol Milligan
481 Dempsey Rd.
Westerville OH 43081

Family audiences; schools K-6, literature based, theatrical
Bill Myers
533 Mechwart Place
Gahanna, OH 43430-4560
(ex. 9/18)

Roy Nichols
1105 Colony Dr. #626
Westerville OH  43081-3691
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Queen Najla (Parish)

(ex. 9/18)

Connie Pottle
164 E. Lakeview Avenue
Columbus OH 43202

 (ex. 9/18)

Melanie D. Pratt
3941 Karl Road  #122
Columbus OH 43224 

(cell) 614-596-7487
Ghost tales, seasonal tales, tales from around the world, and from the Celtic nations, ages 5 to 105
(ex. 9/18)

Angela Provitt
4418 E. Mound St.
Columbus, Ohio 43227
(614) 404-3207


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Cathy Jo Smith
3744 Capistrano Way
Grove City OH 43123

Irish and Irish-American history, stories and songs, tales and Irish Wake presentation (nothing serious; just a "going away" party!) 
(ex. 9/18)

Larry Staats
6320 Faircrest Road
Columbus OH 43229
(ex. 9/18)
Melody Tolle
1406 Hempwood Dr
Columbus, OH 43229-3408
Puppet Shows and stories for All! I tell folk tales, fables, bible stories and my life stories. 
(ex. 9/18)
Joan Van Becelaere
7430 Grand Bahama Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43085
Bizzie Vunderink
1812 County Road 1095
Ashland, OH 44805
A Short Bio
A long time ago a short girl told a little story to a small audience. The audience liked the little story and the short girl liked telling it. Now, she tells longer stories to any size audience and she still likes it.  And she is still short.

Antoinette Ware
231 Park Ave
Urbana, OH 43078

The Village Watoto Storytellers 
Emily E. Bailey, Artistic Director
The Village Watoto Storytellers are a group of youth (10-18 years old) that enjoy bringing African literature to life through storytelling.
(ex. 9/18)

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