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Columbus Story Adventures is an outreach committee of the Storytellers of Central Ohio. We work to encourage and strengthen reading, speaking and writing skills for at-risk children during the summer months by providing six weeks of storytelling, books and literacy workshops to camps, schools and various centers.

We provide the staff of each organization with an informative workshop and an idea-filled handbook to use before and after CSA visits.  Once a week for six weeks a storyteller visits; that teller spends 45 minutes telling stories to the children, eye-to-eye and heart to heart.  Storytelling sessions are followed up with workshops. The workshops allow the children to respond to the stories by writing or telling their own stories.  Columbus Story Adventures also provides a free book for every child after every visit. 

We have carried this project to the South Side Settlement House, the Dowd Center,  St. John's Learning Center, The Hispanic Coalition, St. Stephens Community Center, and Rachel Muha's Run the Race.

We accept donations for this program.

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